Indio, CA

This facility is a one-story office and administration building containing approximately 15,100 square feet. This building is a design-build leaseback project, financed and constructed by Vanir for the County of Riverside. Located in close proximity to the Riverside County Administrative Complex and the Justice Center, this project is part of the master planned municipal block in the City of Indio.

Constructed of wood frame with concrete block and stucco, energy efficiency is of paramount importance in this desert community and was evident in the planning and construction. Additionally, the landscaping is conducive to the property’s location and requires minimal water. This property is managed by Vanir which guarantees the building and its surrounding property is kept in outstanding condition.

This facility is leased to the County of Riverside for the administrative functions of the Department of Probation. Riverside County Probation is one of the most diversified law enforcement agencies in the County with a budget of $86.8 million and over 1,100 sworn and non-sworn employees. The department enjoys an excellent reputation for working in a collaborative manner with law enforcement, public, and private social services agencies, mental health, schools, and other county departments.